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Latest on the San Bernadino County Fire incident October-November 2003

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Visible Earth: Fires in Southern California
[Relevance: 6.165%]

Visible Earth: Fires in Southern California

[Relevance: 6.165%]

Crestline to Lake Arrowhead

Monday, Nov 3. 2003

6:00 pm

Cold weather in the Mountain areas exist.

Properties in Crestline and Twin Peaks that withstood the last weeks disaster should prove to be more safe and valuable than ever. The Crest Forest Fire Department 25 showed that they can protect these areas under extreme danger conditions. Also, it has been estimated that it would be more than 10 years before there would be a threat for another major incident like this.


Crestline to Lake Arrowhead

Residence allowed back home

Mandatory Evacauation reduced to Voluntary - Proof of Residence location is strictly enforced.

Monday, November 3. 2003

6:00 pm

According to SCE 'Edison' field crews in Crestline, power could be restored to Crestline, Twin Peaks and Arrowhead as early as Wednesday. A few spotted areas in Crestline have electricity now.


Cresltine Residents ONLY

Residents of Crestline West of Lake Drive are being allowed into their homes. To get access go to the Sheriffs field station at 40th and Hwy 18 after 8am Sunday Nov, 2nd. Edison is working around the clock to restore power to the areas.

Waterman Canyon Residents ONLY

Residents of Waterman Canyon can get a permit to get back to their homes on Sunday. To get access go to the Sheriffs field station at 40th and Hwy 18 after 8am Sunday Nov, 2nd.

Big Bear Residents ONLY

Residents of Big Bear have been returning to home, with power restored to much of the area.

*Note: The San Bernadino county Sheriffs department is actively patroling and monitoring the early resident returns to protect against looters. Strict enforcement of this protection will be in affect. If you spot any suspicious activity during this difficult transition report it immediately to the nearest Sheriffs department.

Also note: There is NO GUARANTEE of power, either electricity or gas in either of the areas where Sheriffs department and law enforcement are allowing residents in on this early return.


Accolades go to Fire Chief Bagnel of the Crestline Fire Dept. station 25 for the unprecedented efforts excellent strategic defense of Crestline and the nearby areas. The Chief and his staff of outstanding firefighters from all over S. Calif. established a 'military' type stand to defend Crestline. It was due to their efforts that most of the mountain areas remain unharmed. They protected the middle of the mountain from Cresltine to Running Springs by successfully defending the Crestline area, the key location in the entire incident. Also the Sheriffs department is doing an outstanding job of securing the area and protecting the community from looters. All departments are doing an excellent job of working strategically together to expidite the return for the residents to these areas..

A Special Thanks to all of those who unselfishly donated to this cause.


Additional source for information:


USDA Forest Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Don't worry about getting confused or being misinformed over local TV news and weather reports, observe the weather off of the Pacific West Coast 24 hrs 'directly' from NOAA.

In an infrared (IR) image cold clouds are high clouds, so the colors typically highlight the colder regions. In a water vapor image, white areas indicate moisture and dark areas indicate little or no moisture, so the colors typically highlight areas with large amounts of moisture. (NOAA)

Live Satellite Video



No Smoking Enforcement

Much talk is being raised about what is felt to be as a long overdue policy of enforcing heavy fines, including imprisonment, being imposed on individuals who are seen smoking in the mountainous areas who through their cigarettes out the window. $1000 fines posted for littering are in place in these areas and now it is highly expected that the pressure to establish a strong fine and firm enforcement policy on existing 'No Smoking' laws in fire danger areas is necessary. Just recently no smoking signs were put in place in the Mountainous area, including one on Lake Dr. at Hwy 18 between Crestline and Twin Peaks. The feeling is that smoking is an addiction and habit and should be treated as equally as endangering as drinking and driving. The feeling is that those who have an addiction to smoking should get help for their problem instead of endangering the community to feed their habit.

Report any incidents to 911. Contact the Crest Line Fire Deparment, Twin Peaks Sheriffs department and Highway Patrol office in Running Springs business offices to support this issue.

Winter Weather Conditions

Rain and Snow came to the San Bernadino mountain areas to provide a much needed assist to help end the threat.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 2003

Jay Leno and Tonight Show stoops to all time low

Many are outraged by the callous and unprofessional and highly offensive jokes Jay Leno opened the Tonight Show with on Wednesday night. His opening joke about "...ash Wednesday", followed by other jokes about the disaster were apalling, and in extremely bad taste. In the middle of the thousands of people losing their homes, Fire Fighters that have lost their lives and the terrible loss caused by this disaster, Leno's jokes were drastically out of place and sounded very incencitive and offensive. In our opinion, using a disaster to get a laugh is totally unprofessional. If you would like to complain about this you are urged to contact KNBC in Burbank, the tonight show and or KNBC news. You can email the Tonight Show directly at:


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